Human of the Week is an initiative by KosmicKult, featuring queer individuals who are killin’ it in their fields. Every week, we celebrate an individual (preferably human) by showcasing their work and talent. Through this, we aim to create a platform for representation of queer folk.

human of the week, aeriqah

Kicking off with the first Human of the Week, is aeriqah. aeriqah is a singer-songwriter, who uses ‘he’, ‘she’, and ‘they’ pronouns.

aeriqah is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. Their work deeply resonates with the sounds of dodie, Daughter, Canyon City and Billie Eilish. They take their most sacred and painful experiences, and turn them into music and lyrics, mainly writing about their mental health, heartbreak and letting go. They use honesty to spread compassion through their music, providing a sense of comfort and suspending moments in time for their listeners and connecting with their emotions.

aeriqah, identified as one of Singapore’s emerging music acts, participated in The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR) Season 2. The biennel TGSR is supported by organisations such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Singapore, and more. Through the TGSR programme, aeriqah released their debut single, re:discovery. The song is now available on popular music streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

We had a short chat with aeriqah, to share more about their life and music.
Hi aeriqah! We love your music! What's 're:discovery' about?
're:discovery' is about the endless journey that is figuring out who I am, where I come from and who I'll become.
Who are some queer artists/creatives that you like?
dodie, Chella Man, MUNA, Ben Platt
What do you identify as, and what was your journey of self-discovery like?
I identify as queer - all encompassing for my gender and sexuality. It was a pretty natural process coming to terms with all of this, I was never in a rush to figure myself out. I didn't always really have the words for how I felt individually about my gender. However, over time, I started getting more comfortable expressing that I didn't know what exactly I was. For a long time, I just said that me and gender were "chill", and I felt like everything. I was a bunch of different genders just co-existing in one body. Likewise, my sexuality has always been just chillin'. I still feel this way, though now I have language to describe myself and it's empowering.
I am still learning about myself, I am ever-evolving. While this short description barely captures my entire journey, and boy, has it been a journey, this is all that it really comes down to: I'm capable of loving all sorts of people, and I am capable of loving myself through all my different identities, too.
Thanks aeriqah (: Your words are always so beautifully expressed, both in speech and in music! We wish you all the best in your music and in life, we can’t wait to hear what you’ll release next!
Thank you so much for the opportunity!

You may find aeriqah on Instagram and Spotify at @aeriqah.

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