How to Checkout with PayNow

1. Checkout your cart as usual, until you reach the "Shipping" page where shipping is calculated.

2. Screenshot and save your checkout details (Including Name, Address, Contact, Items in Cart, Total Order Value)
How to Paynow KosmicKult
3. PayNow the Total Order Value to KosmicKult at 9237 3650 (Or Scan the QR Code)
Paynow KosmicKult QR Code
4. Send a copy of your order details and a proof of payment to
How to paynow KosmicKult
5. On the "Payment" Page, select PayNow and submit your order after payment has been made.
How to paynow kosmickult
Your order will be manually approved when we verify that payment has been made. This may take up to 24 hours. If there are discrepancies in the order, your order may be cancelled or deemed invalid.